Use this form in order to find the contact you need.
The main navigation window.
You can go to Calendar, Statistics or Settings here.
Create new account.
You can import contacts from your iPhone.
The list of created contacts.
You can add pictures for any contact.
Create a picture or import it from your library.
Add e-mail and other detailes for your contacts.
ICQ, Skype, Facebook и Twitter.
Specify the date of your meeting with the contact.
It will help to generate statistics for you.
Add a phone number and call the contact any time.
Tap this form if you want to rate your contacts.
You can add the date of sex and comments.
Done. Save contact.
This is the average score.
It is calculated from three components. Appearance, Body and Communication.
Ratings are taken into account when compiling tops in the statistics.
Tap the date in order to view detailed information about the created sex.
Go to List if you want to view all created events.
If you tap any of days you will go to the list of events on that day.
There is special icon for every event.
There are 4 types of events: Meets, Notes, Dates and Sex.
Go to Today if you want to view today's events.
Swipe to turn the calendar month.
In this column you can see the time of upcoming events.
There are 4 types of events: Meets, Notes, Dates and Sex.
A summary of the event.
To see the details just tap it.
In order to delete event just hold your finger and swipe.
The total number of meets, successful and ongoing.
The top of most graceful, sociable, beautiful and "Hot Ten".
Graphs of activity, sex and dates.
With a choice of time period.
Number of contacts with whom you had sex.
Total number of your contacts.
Contacts with whom you didn't have sex.
Total number of all events.
Number of all sexual contacts.
Total number of all contacts.
Graph of activity for set period.
Choose time period in order to view the graph of statistics for that period.
Tap this tab to see the full list for each of the tops.
Top of average marks "Top ten".
You can tap any column and go to full list.
Password protection.
Choose one of color themes.
Feedback and "About Us".
Synchronization with Dropbox.
You can change or disable the password at any time.
Before creating the password choose its type.
It can be simple or strong. Simple password is 4 digits.
Feedback and "About Us".
If you want to protect your information set up password.
If you want to sync your data, please enter your username and password of your account in Dropbox.
If you lost your data for some reason, tap this field to recover all the information.
Feedback and "About Us".
Save your data in the Dropbox.
Please do it periodically.