MyPickup Diary – one more step on the way to success!
this is of real help to the pick-upper – now the complicated stuff will remain in the past. Do you want to know what will make your life easier and your chances higher? Read here!

Are you a professional pick-upper who is tired of remembering a bunch of names and phone numbers? Don’t remember who’s Masha and who’s Evgenia? Want to make your life easier?

No problem because now there is a special app – MyPickup Diary!

Developed especially for you, it will make pick ups faster, simpler, and easier – now all the information about gals/guys are stored there! All you’ll need to do is remember to go on your dates (the times for which, by the way, are also recorded in the app) and reach new heights of success!

The MyPickup Diary app is a calendar of events, a database of gals/guys, and a huge advantage which will open before you new horizons in the art of conquering women’s hearts!

MyPickupDiary is an app which will allow the active pick-upper to memorize all the gals or guys they pick up.

This app allows you to store all the information about your opposite-sex acquaintances by recording the main data: sex, age, home address, phone number, as well as rate each one on a 10-point scale on their body, looks, and friendliness. Based on those ratings, the user can browse through the top 10 most beautiful, friendly, and shapely ones and create a schedule of events such as meetings, dates, and sex.

The contacts are stored in the same way as in a phone book: in order to look up the profile of a certain gal or guy, all the user needs to do is enter the first several letters of her/his name.

Such a catalog of partners allows the pick up guru to remember all of his/her achievements without overloading their brain with a huge amount of numbers, names, and meetings – now all the necessary information will be stored in the MyPickup Diary app. The app can be protected by a password so that random users won’t be able to gain access to the information.

In addition, the user can always view the stats of his/her achievements and activity which will help him in perfecting the art of PickUp.

Advantages of the MyPickup Diary app:
All the information about partners is in one place,
Simple and convenient calendar of events,
The database is synchronized with Dropbox which guarantees a backup storage for all the data,
The MyPickup Diary app is password-protected so that the information recorded in it by the user won’t become available to anyone else,
Three themes which can be changed according to one’s mood.

Based on this, MyPickup Diary will turn out to be a very convenient and very useful app which will help you keep track of all the new people you meet.